Advisory Task Force on Campus Safety

Advisory Task Force on Campus Safety


Dear UW Bothell and Cascadia College community,

We are pleased to announce the formation of an Advisory Task Force on Campus Safety for academic year 2021-22. This new group is charged with studying the best policies and practices in campus safety across the nation, with emphasis on institutions whose demographics are similar to our own and whose systems of governance, legal frameworks and provisions are also comparable. The group is comprised of faculty, staff and students from both institutions.

We decided to create this task force to build on important work that has already been done by other groups at both institutions — including our joint Advisory Council on Campus Safety — as well as students, faculty and staff who have rallied around the issue of campus safety in recent years.

We also were inspired to charge this new advisory group because of the results of a 2020-21 survey about how our community wants not only to facilitate and experience a sense of safety but also to create or recreate systems that offer support beyond a crisis response/law enforcement framework.

Officially formed on Nov. 1, the task force held its inaugural meeting on Nov. 18 and is due to submit its advisory report to us by the end of the academic year.

As they embark on this important work, we would like to thank the task force members for agreeing to share their time, effort and insights: James Archer, student and president of the Associated Students of UW Bothell; Erin Blakeney, dean of Student Success Services, Cascadia College; Shauna Carlisle, associate professor and vice chair of the General Faculty Organization, UW Bothell; Emily Christian, associate dean for Student Affairs, UW Bothell; Christopher Gildow, tenured art faculty, Cascadia College; and Tamara Wood, student and chair of the Events & Advocacy Board, Cascadia College.

We look forward to their good work and will keep our shared campus community informed on any next steps as they are decided.

Kristin G. Esterberg, Ph.D.
Chancellor and Professor
University of Washington Bothell

Eric W. Murray, Ph.D.
Cascadia College


2021-22 Members

  • James Archer, Junior, Biology; President, ASUWB
  • Erin Blakeney, Dean of Student Success Services, Cascadia College
  • Shauna Carlisle, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, GFO, UW Bothell
  • Emily Christian, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, UW Bothell
  • Christopher Gildow, Tenured Art Faculty, Cascadia College
  • Tamara Wood, Cascadia Advocacy Board Chair