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Master of Business Administration

What is business school?

Business school is a graduate professional program resulting in a management degree called an MBA, or Master of Business Administration. Most programs are completed within two years and prepare students for a wide variety of jobs in professional careers. Students in MBA programs focus on intense, multidimensional study that is designed to deliver a personal and professional transformation with a particular emphasis on developing strategic thinkers and leaders.

MBA students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the language of business in order to contribute to strategic discussions of organizational issues. Common areas in MBA programs also include: career advancement and transitions, functional area focus opportunities for technology professionals, and accelerated progression directed towards leadership within the private and public business sector.

Is business school for me?

Accreditation and program reputation are often factors to consider when selecting a business school, but ensuring that a program meets your needs is also vitally important when researching institutions. Many regions offer a variety of program options, including full-time, part-time and evening studies to accommodate students’ varying needs. Business school will require a time commitment of at least two years in addition to a substantial financial investment that will likely require student loan debt.

How much work experience is required to get into a good business school?

Your work history is important when considering your application to any business school, and each program will determine if the work experience you have gained is sufficient to support your business education. Work experience provides a means of demonstrating your personal performance and commitment, but admissions officers recognize that skills often developed through employment can be obtained in other ways. For example, extracurricular and community activities can provide valuable experiences and present developmental and professional training, thereby demonstrating your commitment to earning an MBA degree.

What is the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)?

While most academic graduate programs require the GRE, the GMAT is required for admission to almost all MBA programs. The format of the GMAT includes three main parts: the Analytical Writing Assessment, the Quantitative Section, and the Verbal Section. You can learn more about the test structure and overview at the above link.

Where can I get information about MBA degree programs?

Many universities that offer an undergraduate degree in business also extend business education into a graduate school setting. The first step in learning about a particular MBA program is to contact the business school or department at the university (or universities) you are interested in attending. You can also learn more general MBA information by visiting

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