Software Engineering and Program Management

Students interested in a career at Microsoft in Software Engineering or Program Management, please see the resources and information they have provided below.


Tips to get ready for the next Software Engineering and Program Management recruiting season:

  • This summer, new applications for Students & Recent Graduates will go live on Microsoft Careers Site. Bookmark the career site in advance!
  • Resume Tips: When applying for Software Engineering & Program Management roles, consider your resume as a way to convey your technical excellence, coding capabilities and familiarity with data structures. Personal projects are a great way to differentiate your experience and showcase your interests. Consider including the technologies, data structures, algorithms and languages used in your project experience, as well as denote the project as personal (it’s ok to give yourself credit for doing something you didn’t get paid to do, or receive a grade for). Are you involved in extracurriculars and student groups? Share what you’re passionate about! Did you take a class that was particularly challenging or engaging? Add it to your resume! Do you make an impact outside the classroom? Share! Check out more tips: Microsoft Resume Tips.
  • Invest in your interviewing skills now: One of the best interview prep books out there for students interested in Software Engineering careers is Cracking the Coding Interview. Spend time studying now at your own pace, instead of cramming ahead of a potential interview. Devote time to practice coding on a whiteboard and talking through your code, as you would in an interview.
  • Highly recommend watching these interview prep videos:

Virtual Learning Resources:

Whether you're just starting or are an advanced engineer, Microsoft Learn provides a hands-on approach to help you arrive at your goals faster, with more confidence and at your own pace. Browse by skills, Microsoft products and experience level depending on your goals: Microsoft Learn.

For further information, check out Skills for the future start today — new resources for students written by Charlotte Yarkoni, Corporate Vice President, Cloud +AI.

Popular modules:

.Net Core Video Learning Series - C# 101

Tackle C# for the first time, or brush up on existing skills! Join Scott Hanselman and Kendra Havens for an introductory walk through of C# from building a simple Hello World application to learning about Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft experts. Watch the entire C# 101 series or jump to particular concepts to boost your understanding of C# fundamentals.

Recommended Topics for Study:

Get to know Microsoft Azure!

There’s an Azure video playlist for all the latest products & solutions, featuring demos, and in-depth technical insights.  Follow along and get to know Microsoft Azure!

Featured Video Playlists:

  • Containers on Azure: How to get started with Docker and Azure
  • Kubernetes Basics: Hear from the inventor of Kubernetes, Brendan Burns, and understand the basics.
  • Azure Machine Learning: What’s new with Azure Machine Learning?
  • Azure Open Source: From What’s new in Azure Cosmos DB to Java in Azure Functions to how to build better games with Unity and Azure.
  • Azure Friday: Join Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, and Lara Rubbelke as they host the engineers who build & use Azure, demo it, and answer questions.

What's Microsoft been up to?

Thinking about applying to opportunities at Microsoft? Get to know us! Learn what Microsoft has been up to and learn about what we stand for, the innovation we’re driving, and the culture we aspire to. For more on Microsoft Life, check out our Official Microsoft Blog.

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Meet the people whose talent and experiences shape the way we work and drive our culture: Living Our Company Culture. Discover how we’re addressing the issues behind social and economic exclusion: Investing in Communities & Corporate Responsibility. Explore the latest tech that has the potential to change the world: Innovating with Meaning.

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