Opportunities with Expedia


Opportunities with Expedia

At Expedia Group, careers have no borders. As a global platform, they help knock down the barriers to travel for people around the world, making it more enjoyable, more attainable, and more accessible. In doing so, they aim to bring the world within reach. 

Expedia Group offers the unique opportunity to work across multiple global travel brands, all while building the most advanced technology in the industry. Come and explore their openings! 

Career paths with Expedia

Lodging Partner Services

Expedia is now expanding their Lodging Partner Services (LPS) Division. LPS are the people that find, sign up, onboard, market, and support the hundreds of thousands of hotels across the world on which Expedia's business relies. Without LPS, there'd be no Expedia. 

Get more information on Lodging Partner Services by exploring their Career Paths page. 


Today, technology is at the core of what Expedia does. They aren't just a travel company; they're a tech company that does travel. They are among the largest technology companies in the world, and their work is solely dedicated to one of the most socially and economically important activities on the planet. They are backed by a worldwide team of passionate employees whose focus is creating the best travel experience. 

Search for tech opportunities with Expedia. 

Early careers & apprenticeship - internships

As an intern with Expedia, you will be offered the opportunity to learn about the largest online travel company in the world, travel the world, and develop your skill set and leadership qualities. Successful employees will have an opportunity to continue to grow their career in other parts of the Company locally or worldwide. 

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How to apply

Search for a career opportunity you are interested in and apply online. It's as simple as that! 

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