Managing your Social Networks

Social Networking Etiquette

1 in 5 employers use social networking sites to research job applicants.  24% of those employers say that information found on the applicant's page factored into their final hiring decision. 

The potential impact of social networking on your employment is not solely negative; it can also help you to land the position.  93% of employers use LinkedIn and 73% use Facebook.  Couple this with the fact that 80 percent of available positions are found through networking and not job posting sites, and there is great potential built into social networking. 

Here are the do's and don'ts of social networking:


  • Social Network
  • Post content on your pages that creates a personal brand for yourself that distinguishes you from your competitors. Be sure to include your unique experiences/traits, strengths, subject matter expertise, and accomplishments.
  • Reach out to potential allies or people of interest pertaining to your desired career via career focused networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  • Consider joining career focused blogs that pertain to your interests.
  • Research yourself on Google and Youtube, so that you can determine if the information about you out there is information you want available to the public.
  • Have a friend or family member that is professional review your social networking sites to determine if the content is appropriate.


  • Post any content you wouldn't want your Grandma or other members outside of your network to see.
  • Post any content of your friends that is inappropriate. Remember that the friends you choose reflect on your character.
  • Lie about your qualifications.
  • Talk negatively about your past employers.
  • Use inappropriate language or slang.
  • Use an inappropriate screen name.