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Frequently Asked Questions

General Office Questions

Q - Where are you located?

The Career Center is located in the Student Success Center in UW1-160.

Q - What are your hours?

Hours are Monday 9am-5pm, Tuseday-Wednesday 9am-6pm, Thursday-Friday 9am-5pm. 

Q - What services do you offer?

We offer resume and cover letter review, practice interviews, career counseling, personal statement review, job and internship search guidance,  and exploration of majors and careers. Click here for an explanation of our types of appointments.

Q - How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made here. Read the descriptions to ensure you make the correct type of appointment. When you arrive for your appointment, please check in at the Welcome Desk located in the Student Success Center. 

Q - What happens if I am late or miss my appointment?

A student will be considered a late arrival if they show up for their appointment 15 minutes late after the scheduled appointment time. If the student has called to let us know that they are running late (prior to their appointment), they may still be able to have their appointment, but will only have the remaining portion of the 30 minutes scheduled for their appointment. If the student has not called to notify the Career Center that they will be late, the appointment will be canceled, and the student will have to reschedule the appointment.

Q - What should I bring for my appointment?

For all appointments please bring your resume (if you have one) and descriptions of jobs or internships of interest.

Q - Do you have any resume/cover letter examples or interviewing tips?

Resume and cover letters samples - as well as a webpage dedicated to interviews - can be found here.

Q - What events are coming up for the Career Center?

All of the upcoming Career Center events that are open to the public can be viewed here.

Q - Are Career Center events/workshops open to the general public?

Workshops and group events are open to UW Bothell students, alumni and the general community. However there are specific events and opportunities for students only and are not open to the public.  If you are inquiring about a specific event please let us know.  For information regarding upcoming events, please visit our events page.

Q - What Career Center resources are available to Alumni?

For information regarding resources available to Alumni, please click here. 

Q - What Career Center resources are open to community members?

Unfortunately community members are not able to access services provided by the Career Center, as we are funded through SAF (Student Affairs Fees). However, we do have certain events that are open to the public; please view our events page for more information.


Q - What internships are out there for me based on my field of interest?

Check out the opportunities in Handshake and then make an appointment with the Career Center to tailor and refine your internship search. 

Q - Which internships are for credit and which are paid?

Most internships are paid, while others require you to receive academic credit. Talk to your employer to find out about their requirements and then make an appointment with the Career Center to talk about your unique circumstances. 

Q - What is the internship class and do I need to take it?

The IAS department offers an Internship Class (BIS 495) in Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarter. Full information can be found online. Other departments have unique requirements; please see the individual departments for more information.

Q - Where do interns work and what do they do?

Internship experiences vary widely.

Interns work in every conceivable type of setting, including voluntary and non-profit organizations, private industry, large and small businesses, and agencies at all levels of government. An internship might be an actual job located at the site of an organization or it could be a research project.

Interns do everything from assisting on special projects, to providing help during peak business periods and contributing special skills and knowledge. The most successful internships include a clearly delineated position description, and duties and responsibilities that are not haphazardly determined or purely clerical in nature. A good internship will expose students to professional staff and clientele and provide opportunities for mentoring.

Q - What are the benefits of an internship?

Career Exploration

Learn what you like and don't like about a field, a company, or a job. Your experience can help you focus your career direction and get a richer sense of employment options.

Skill Building

Gain a better understanding of specific work functions such as writing press releases, managing employees, preparing reports, and more.

Networking Opportunities

Meet employees in your field of interest and their colleagues. Decide if you want to become part of this network and what it will require of you.

Q - How does my Academic Program handle internships?

Some programs require that students complete an internship; others do not. Some internships are done for academic credit; others are done strictly for the experience and students choose not to receive credit. Each program handles internships differently and has its own set of guidelines, as outlined in the following links.

The Career Center can provide additional information about internships and advise students on suitable types of internship experiences. Contact the Career Center at career@uw.edu.

Q - How can I learn more about internships?


Q - I am a current student; when I try to login I get the message "Incorrect username or password".  What should I do?

If you are registered for at least one matriculated level class during the CURRENT quarter, you are eligible for Handshake access and you should already have an account established. Student accounts are uploaded quarterly, using registration data. If you were not registered for classes in a matriculated program at the time of the last upload, you will not have a pre-established account. To have your account eligibility status verified, please send an email (subject: "Activate") to handshake@uw.edu for assistance. Include your full name and UW student ID# in the text area of your email. Your account status will be verified and you will be contacted with more information regarding your Handshake account.

Q - I am a current UW student and do not know my password. What should I do?

If you have an active account you would have been emailed your initial password when the account was created. If you do not know your password, you can click on the "forgot password" tab, enter your username, and then ask the system to email the password to you.

Q - What is the help link for Handshake?

You can email Handshake at handshake@uw.edu, or you can call the UW Seattle Career Center at (206) 543-0535.

Job Search

Q - What is a good resource for finding an off-campus job?

To search for off-campus jobs, visit Handshake.  Handshake is a 24/7 database of part-time, full-time, internship, volunteer, community service, and on-campus opportunities. Employers looking to hire UW students and graduates post here.

Q - Where are on-campus jobs listed?

On-campus jobs are listed in a few different places. They can be found online via the Career Center or Human Resources, via email in the Career Center News, and on bulletin boards in the Commons and Library. Work study specific jobs can be found at the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Q - How do I know if I am eligible for work study?

Work study eligibility is based off of your financial aid status.  You can confirm your eligibility for work study through the Financial Aid Office.

Q - Where do I get a work study referral form?

Work study referral forms are forms that verify your work study eligibility.  The forms are to be given to the employer by the work study student.  These forms can be obtained at the Financial Aid office in Husky Hall Room 1130. 

Q - How do I apply for an on-campus job?

Most on-campus jobs will state in the job description where you should send your resume and cover letter. For staff positions listed on the University of Washington HR page, you should consult HR at 425-352-5462. If no submitting pathway is given on a job description, contact the Career Center at 425-352-3706.


Q - What resources are available to connect with students?

Employers looking to hire UW students and graduates can go to the employers page to learn about different opportunities to connect with students.