Fall 2022 Scholars

Fall 2022 Donor Excellence Scholarship recipients

Congratulations deserving students and thank you generous donors!

Angelina Ly

I truly am honored and thrilled to be one of the recipients of the Donor Excellence Scholarship. It was a joy to share the news with my friends and family. This and all of the many resources offered at UW Bothell are a heartwarming reminder that we as students are not alone in the hard work that comes with higher education and that there will always be people willing to offer a helping hand. Thank you to all of the generous donors that are continuing to support me and my fellow classmates on our academic journeys here at UW Bothell.

Bradley Gilmore

I have grown much as a business professional this Autumn; I gained invaluable experience by applying my knowledge to product development for a startup, project management for a nonprofit through the Community-Engaged Learning and Research (CELR) program, and the simulation of a startup experience. My professors are fully committed to the professional growth of their students, inside and outside of the classroom. This scholarship has a direct impact on my ability to actively contribute to the UW Bothell community and I’m grateful to be selected. This Winter, I’m excited to build on my friendships, expand my network, and validate the business models of my startups.

Dulce Barrera

I am extremely happy to learn I was chosen for the Donor Excellence Scholarship and would like to genuinely thank you for this opportunity. This support has motivated me to put all of my efforts into my education by taking the pressure off my financial situation. Because of this I will forever be thankful for all of the support I have received while attending UW Bothell. I am excited to give my all into the last two quarters I have left here at this school. As a recipient of this award, I want to sincerely thank you for funding a scholarship that allows students to continue their studies and further their education.

Hana Abrham

I am both surprised and grateful to be a recipient of the Donor Excellence Scholarship. As a senior, I see this scholarship as a much-needed graduation present. UW Bothell has been a fantastic place that helped me expand my knowledge of the world and business. I am grateful that the donors of the Donor Excellence Scholarship recognize UW Bothell’s contribution to society and have granted us, the students, the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I hope this scholarship continues to be offered to future business students. Thank you for supporting my journey at UW Bothell!

Jennie Ha

“Every quarter, I get reminded of how the passionate and supportive faculty, staff, and students work hard every day and create a welcoming community on campus. As a first-generation student, I have come to understand what a privilege it is for me to pursue higher education, and I am extremely grateful for the immense amount of opportunities that the UW Bothell School of Business provides for its students.

This scholarship has not only lifted a financial burden, it has also motivated me to continue giving back to my community and working to serve underrepresented and marginalized groups. I take pride in this campus, and I’m excited for what the future will hold!”

Maksim Poklonskii

I wanted to express my gratitude to the generous donors who funded this scholarship, which will help me continue my academic journey. It has been a turbulent year for me, but I prevailed because of all the support UW Bothell has given to me, and I will never forget it. One day, I am committed to continuing what you did today: helping hundreds of UW students pursue higher education. Though I graduate this year, I will forever remain a fellow Husky, a member of such a diverse and radiant community.

Paige Williams

Thank you to the University of Washington Bothell and the generous Donors for making this scholarship possible. I am beyond grateful to have been selected for this prestigious scholarship. This is my first year at UW Bothell and I am amazed by the amount of support and care provided to students by the entire UWB School of Business community. As a student planning to pursue a graduate degree, this financial support is immensely helpful and appreciated. I am beyond honored to have been selected as a scholarship recipient and a huge thank you to everyone involved.

Olivia Zheng

I am very grateful and overjoyed to learn that I was chosen to receive the Donor Excellence Scholarship. Pursuing my business education at the University of Washington Bothell has taught me many lessons. I have met many great students and professors who push me to do my best and I am deeply thrilled to continue my education and reach my full potential with the help of this scholarship. I appreciate all the donors and the University of Washington Bothell to make the Donor Excellence Scholarship possible. It will help me explore many more educational opportunities and resources that will allow me to advance my skills and grow as an individual. I am lucky to be given this opportunity, and I want to use it to also be able to help my peers around me. Once again, I cannot express my appreciation enough, thank you!

Phil Liu

Words can’t explain how surprised and excited I am right now when informing me of the recipients for the Donor Excellence Scholarship. The UW Bothell School of Business has always been supportive to students with amazing professors and great resources for our individual growth in business fields. I feel so honored to receive this scholarship as an award for my academic success and thank you UW Bothell School of Business for supporting me to my aspiration of Business Analytics study.