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Become a Mentor

Thank you for your interest in helping to transform our students' lives through mentorship!

To volunteer please:

  1. Review our Participant Expectations listed below. 
  2. Review the Department of Education’s Employability Framework. This framework offers suggestions for valuable topics to discuss with your student mentees. 
  3. Fill out the survey that works best for you.

We host new mentor/mentee introductions every fall and winter quarter. To apply, please select the quarter thats best for you to begin your mentoring journey.

Fall applications now open! 


Winter applications now open! 


If you are interested in mentoring students but are not sure when you're available, please fill out our interest form below. We will email you when we open applictions for our next round of mentor/mentee pairings.

Apply to be a mentor - general interest form


If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact Elizabeth Prendergast, Mentorship EDGE program coordinator at or 425-941-8043.

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Participant Expectations

In order to foster a more meaningful and enriching mentoring experience for myself and my mentor/mentee, I will strive to:

  • Connect remotely or in-person (with a mask and using safe social distancing) at least once per quarter for the coming year.
  • Attend the annual summer quarter Mentorship EDGE networking gathering.

Mentee Commitment

I acknowledge that my drive, goals, and commitment will determine my results.

 Before meeting my mentor, I will complete the following (or create a plan to complete it.)

  • Update my resume (For help visit
  • Update my LinkedIn profile (connect to peers, professors, customize URL, etc)
  • Write a short elevator pitch about myself and my goals that I can email my mentor.

When engaging my mentor I will:

  • Be clear and thoughtful about my goals as a mentee.
  • Be proactive in requesting assistance from my mentor.
  • Help make the best use of our meeting time by preparing thoughtful questions in advance.
  • Send a thank you note after our first meeting.

Mentor Commitment

I will use my experience, vision, network, and leadership to help my mentees on their success journey.

  • I let my students know some of the ways I can/would like to help them as a mentor.
  • I will let my mentee know how, and how often I can connect with them.
    • For example: X hours per quarter in person/ or via email.
    • (We recommend allocating about one hour per mentee per quarter, or more if mentor/mentee have the desire and availability)
  • I will respond openly and enthusiastically to my student’s questions and requests, as my schedule allows.

Employability Skills Framework

Below is an inforgraphic summary of the Department of Education’s Employability Framework. This framework offers suggestions for valuable topics to discuss with your mentees. Employability Skills Framework Infographic