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Jason William Therrell

Jason William Therrell

Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager

Jason’s wealth management career started in 1996. A lot has changed during that time, but one thing that has remained the same is Jason’s commitment to helping his clients grow and protect their wealth. He partners with them in many aspects of their financial lives and takes his role as an investment advisor very seriously. Jason takes great pride in navigating each client through the best and worst economic times.

At an early age, Jason was interested in investments and financial markets. At seven years old he invested money he earned from recycling cans into a savings account. He loved the feeling he got when the bank teller would stamp his passbook savings account showing his accumulated interest. He purchased his first mutual fund at fourteen years old and his first stock at age eighteen.

As the son of two educators its in his blood to never stop learning. Looking for a challenge, Jason started his post-secondary education the at United States Air Force Academy. After two successful years he confirmed finance, not flying, was the career for him so he transferred to the University of Washington and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. In addition, he’s obtained the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) and Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS) designations from the College for Financial Planning. Most recently he’s continued his education at Yale University with a two year executive program focusing on risk premia and efficient portfolio management. Jason understands the financial world is constantly changing so he must grow and change with it.

Jason and his wife, Katie, spend most of their days chasing around their two boys, Bear and Kingston. They enjoy loading the boys in backpacks and hiking until they run out of daylight or energy, whichever comes first. Board-games, puzzles, movies, and BBQ’s are part of a typical weekend at the Therrell’s. They are a family who loves their Northwest teams, but most of all, they simply appreciate spending time with family and friends.  

Jason on mentorship

I'm excited to be a mentor because so many people mentored me throughout my life and it's fun to give back.