Abstract Information

Before completion of the CSS 497 project all students must complete an abstract. The abstract should highlight the major topics/themes in your project and concisely describe the nature of your work. The abstract must be turned in prior to completion of your 10 credits of CSS 497 in order to receive a grade.

The abstract is limited to 200-400 words describing the nature of the project and the results obtained. This abstract is due prior to submission of your final report to your faculty advisor.

The CSS 497 abstract is a statement that summarizes the important points of your project including the conclusion. If you have written a report about the project you may find that you can glean the main ideas from your report to create a concise description of your project. In developing your PowerPoint presentation for the CSS Colloquium you will need to uses these same central themes. An abstract should summarize three things: the basic information about the problem(s) to be solved, the reason why you chose a certain method to produce a solution, and a conclusion.

There are a couple of websites that give more details on how to approach writing an abstract. The people who developed these websites take different perspectives so look through all of the websites to assemble the best help. Don't forget the UW Bothell Writing Center can also help you write an abstract.

Abstract Form