What are the grading options for CSS 497?

Faculty can choose to grade by decimal grade or credit/no credit (CR/NC).

When can I begin CSS 497?

Students may begin their internship project after completing the prerequisites (CSS 301, 342, 343, 350, 360, 370, 422, 430, and 10 credits of CSS electives).

What if I am missing a core requirement and want to begin CSS 497?

Contact the CSS Program Office for details.

Can CSS 497 be divided over two quarters?

Yes, it may be divided over two quarters, sometimes more if approved by the CSS faculty advisor.

If I am paid for my internship, will I be able to earn credit for CSS 497?

Yes, students may be paid for an internship, but pay is negotiated between the student and the sponsoring company. Students must also complete academic work outlined in the Capstone contract to earn credit.

May I use my current employer for a CSS 497 project?

It may be possible to use your current employer. The CSS faculty advisor, and the employer must approve of the project. The project cannot be part of everyday duties and must be challenging for an advanced CSS student. For more information about qualifications for the project, check with the CSS faculty advisor.

Is it possible to complete CSS 497 out of the area/state/country?

Yes, talk with the CSS faculty advisor and the CSS Internship Coordinator for more details.

I am an International student; can I be paid for an internship?

Most International students come to the University of Washington on a Student Visa. International students have strict regulations governing their ability to work. Consult with the UWB International Student Advisor and notify CSS Internship Coordinator before accepting employment. Remember that unauthorized employment is a serious violation of student status.

What size of poster do I need for the CSS Colloquium, and where can I find it?

While we don't have a specific size requirement, the most popular size and style is a Tri-fold 36" x 48", cardboard or foam poster. Poster prices range from $7.00 - $20.00. The UW Bothell Bookstore and office supply stores stock posters of this size and type.

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