Computer Engineering

Capstone Steps

Computer Engineering Capstone

Capstone is a two-quarter long project where engineering students have the opportunity to develop and prototype a project.  Students typically complete capstone during the final quarters of their Computer Engineering degree.  Groups are assigned an industry sponsor and a faculty mentor.  Students have a list of available topics that they can choose from, although there are times where students are able to utilize their connections with industry to create their own topic (with approval from the capstone coordinator). 

  • Capstone Design I (B CE 495) & II (B CE 496) must be taken consecutive quarters, and are offered every quarter.  Summer is a shorter quarter – be mindful of this if you do take capstone over the summer.

  • B CE 495 Capstone Design I Prerequisites:  Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 2.0 in all courses.  B EE 271, B EE 331, CSS 360, B EE 371 or CSS 350, and B EE 425 (preferred) or CSS 422. All courses may be taken concurrently except B EE 271, which must be completed.  Faculty recommend that it is more advantageous for the student to have the prerequisites completed before beginning capstone.

  • The Computer Engineering Capstone is different from the CSSE capstone.  Computer Engineering students work with Electrical Engineering students and in the rare case (upon approval) with Mechanical Engineering students.  

  • While Capstone 1 is two credits and Capstone 2 is three credits, there is a considerable amount of coursework for these projects.  This is a culmination of all your hard work throughout your degree and an opportunity to show what you have learned.

  • Plan to attend a Capstone Symposium to see all the capstone projects of STEM students.  They happen during the Friday of Finals week each quarter.  Capstone teams share a poster presentation and present to faculty/industry sponsors/students/the public about their project.

Capstone Steps:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor

    • Talk with your academic advisor to determine when is the best quarter to begin capstone.
  2. Form a Team

    • Teams are made of 4 students and can be any mix of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering students.  It is advisable to begin selecting your team 1-2 quarters before you intend to begin B CE 495.  Meet with your team and go through Step 3 together.  If you are a new student and want to think ahead for capstone planning, begin talking with students in your classes and in your lab groups and consider who might be good team members.
    • If you are having difficulty forming a team, you can email the EE and CompE students by email through the program listservs.  Please include your name, contact information, the quarter you are planning to start capstone and what kind of topics you are interested in.  The email is: and 
  3. Review available capstone projects and syllabus with your team

  4. Meet with Dr. Arnie Berger, Capstone Coordinator

    • As a group, meet with Dr. Berger and talk about what project you would like to work on.  
  5. Registration for B CE 495 

    • Once you meet with Dr. Berger, the STEM Capstone Coordinator will register you for capstone.  Upon successful completion of B CE 495, the STEM Capstone Coordinator will register you for B CE 496.

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