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Training overview

Web content editing 

Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team offers an introductory editor training and advanced publisher training for content editors maintaining web pages for their unit.


You must have a UW Bothell Access Account to access Kentico. A portion of the training is interactive and requires trainees to log in to Kentico; the training will be rescheduled for those without an account. Employees cannot use coworker accounts; the trainer will be verifying accounts.

Required items

  • UW Bothell Access Account credentials - Required to complete the training. 
  • Laptop computer - not all training spaces have a computer available so please notify the trainer at least two days prior to the training if you have a need for a laptop. Day of accommodations may not be possible.
  • Permission to edit - only UW Bothell personnel may request editing access. The trainee's supervisor and primary web publisher written approval are needed.

Introductory editor training

Any UW Bothell staff, faculty, or student-staff member who needs to edit the uwb.edu website for their school or unit must attend this training. They will gain editor level access to the designated directories after completing the training.

Agenda (2.5 hours)

  • Best practices on creating pages
  • How to add images, headings, hyperlinks, bullets, and more with the toolbar editor
  • Policies about web accessibility, UW branding and other responsibilities
  • Become familiar with online resources and support

Advanced publisher training 

The Office of Marketing & Communications only allows staff and faculty to receive publisher level training and access for various reasons such as the responsibility to maintain accessibility requirements and brand standards as well as verifying the accuracy of the content posted.

Agenda (1.5 hours)

  • Reviewing what is different and web team expectations with the new level of access
  • Practice adding columns into your content
  • Reviewing and publishing pages
  • Advanced accessibility and brand best practices overview
  • Web usability basics including mobile and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Editor & publisher training dates

  • Editor trainings are approximately 2.5 hours with ten spots available per training.
  • Publisher trainings are approximately 1.5 hours with three spots available per training.

Please email uwbadv@uw.edu with any training questions and check back frequently for training updates.

Additional training opportunities

Trained content editors may schedule follow up training sessions. Those interested in a one-on-one, small group, or advanced training can email uwbadv@uw.edu. Cc the primary publisher or appropriate publisher and include the full names of all the trainees, the topic(s) to cover, and any other relevant information. 

The AER web team does not offer training or support on other internet (Wordpress, etc.) or intranet (SharePoint, Google sites, etc.) platforms.