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Prospective Students

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Prospective Students

What are the admission requirements for the BA in Business Administration? back to top

For information regarding admission requirements and prerequisites for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program for both the UW Bothell campus and its Eastside Leadership Center (ELC) in Bellevue, please see: How to Apply

When can I apply? back to top

The UW Bothell Business School accepts applications for Autumn, Winter and Spring quarter enrollment. The priority application dates are:

Autumn – April 1
Winter – October 1
Spring – February 1

The UW Bothell ELC Business program in Bellevue accepts applications for Autumn (deadline April 15) and Winter (deadline November 1). Subject to change.

Is there a minimum GPA required to be considered for admission? back to top

You may apply to the Business School if you have at least 80 credits completed (90 credits preferred), with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. These credits must include the Business prerequisite courses with no less than a 2.0 in each course.

How does the Business School make admission decisions? back to top

In addition to specific admission requirements, the Business Undergraduate Admission Committee reviews applications holistically. The Committee looks for demonstrated success in the cumulative GPA, prerequisite Business courses, the WSA (Writing Skills Assessment) and a well-written personal statement that addresses:

  • Your preparation and motivation for pursuing upper-division studies in business.
  • Your ability to contribute to the educational experiences of other students at UW Bothell
  • Other factors that you wish to bring to the Admissions Committee attention

Does the Business School admit students who have not completed the foreign language requirement? May a student make up foreign language while majoring in the Business program? back to top

Business will not admit students who are deficient in any of the core requirements (foreign language, intermediate algebra, English composition, and quantitative and symbolic reasoning). If a student is in the process of completing a core requirement at the time of application and is otherwise admissible to the program, Business will admit the student contingent upon successful completion of the core requirement. The student will not be allowed to register until official documentation of successful completion of the deficiency has been received.

I’m a current undergraduate student at UW Bothell. Is there a different application form? back to top

Yes, current UW Bothell students will need to download and complete the Internal Application to the Bothell campus and the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue and submit it in person to the School of Business. The application is on the Admissions Requirements page.

I am interested in applying for Summer Quarter. Is that a possibility?  back to top

No, Business does not admit new students for Summer Quarter.

If I am admitted, when will I be able to register? back to top

Newly admitted students may register after attending the mandatory new student orientation on the Bothell campus, submitting the Measles Immunization Verification form, and paying the Enrollment Confirmation fee.

How will my non-business courses transfer? back to top

For the UW Bothell Business program, you may contact UW Bothell Admissions at or 425-352-5000 to make an appointment with an admissions adviser to evaluate your transcripts.

For the UW Bothell ELC Business program in Bellevue, you may contact the ELC Program Administrator, Christine Nelson at or 425-352-5191 to make an appointment to evaluate your transcripts.

After you become a Business student, you can make an appointment with the Business School adviser to review how your courses transferred and create an educational plan for graduation.


Current Students

What’s the best way to contact my adviser or schedule an appointment? back to top

A Bothell Business School student may either e-mail or make an appointment by calling the Business Department office at 425-352-5113. For quick questions we encourage students to email (be sure to include your name/student ID number). Generally, during peak registration times the Business advisers get booked with appointments. For complex questions and planning, in-person appointments are often best. During the heavy registration periods students should schedule their appointments in advance. We want to be prepared when we speak with you.

An ELC-Bellevue Business School student may either email or make an appointment by calling the Eastside Leadership Center front desk at 425-352-3608 and the call will be appropriately routed. For quick questions we encourage students to email (be sure to include your name/student ID number).

How can I contact my professor? back to top

Business School faculty contact information is available through the Faculty Contact page. A current professor’s office number, office phone, and e-mail address are all provided. Contact information may also be obtained by consulting the online directory located on the UW Bothell home page (

Where can I find the program requirements? back to top

For the Bothell Business program, you can find detailed program requirements for each concentration on the Options and Concentrations page.

For the ELC Business program in Bellevue, you can find detailed program requirements for each concentration on the Eastside Leadership Center page.

I have an uneven number of credits needed to complete my degree. How can I take care of this? back to top

For Bothell Business program students only: Students may speak to a faculty member about arranging an independent study (1-5 credits). Students may also look at credit courses from other departments as options to fulfill elective requirements, if needed.

For ELC Business program in Bellevue students only: For an appointment to review options, if needed, contact the adviser at or phone the Eastside Leadership Center front desk at 425-352-3608 and the call will be appropriately routed.

Where can I find out what classes will be offered next quarter? back to top

Current quarter class offerings can be found on the online Time Schedule and on the Study Plan websites for the ELC Business Program or the Bothell Business Program Study Plan. You can also get a sneak peek at the upcoming quarter on the same page.

How can I get into a course that is full? back to top

For Bothell Business program students only: If a course is full, monitor the web for current enrollment information. Enrollment numbers may fluctuate throughout the registration period. The Business School office will also send additional instructions via email a few weeks prior to the first day of Registration Period I regarding the Closed Class Process. Students will be required to submit an email request if they cannot register for a class that will impede their degree progression/graduation if not taken.

When is the last day for me to drop a course? back to top

Typically, the last day to use your Annual Drop for autumn, winter or spring quarter is the 7th week of the quarter on a Sunday. For a detailed list of all deadline dates, please refer to the UW Bothell Academic Calendar.

What does “Prerequisites (cancellation in effect)” mean? Does it mean the class is canceled? back to top

It simply means that the system will screen for prerequisites. If the student has not taken the prerequisite(s), the system will not allow them to register for the course. If the student believes they have adequate preparation to succeed in the course, they should contact the professor.

I’m interested in the Accounting Option. What do I need to do to declare? back to top

Effective Spring 2011, application to the Accounting Option will be competitive based on academic record. Students will need to apply and be accepted prior to enrolling in the required Accounting courses.

Can I change my Business concentration or Accounting Option? back to top

Students in the Bothell Business program can change their Business concentration or add/remove the Accounting Option. However, we do not recommend that students make these changes in their senior year. Students must meet with a Business Adviser in an advising appointment to declare a different concentration or complete a Change of Major form to declare/drop the Accounting Option. A Change of Major form is not required for all other concentrations. Students who wish to apply to another major outside of Business, must contact that program, school or college adviser.

What are the program prerequisites for Business? back to top

Prerequisites are courses needed beyond the general admissions requirements for Business. For more information, please visit the Business Prerequisites page.

What is an independent study? back to top

The UW Bothell Business program is committed to providing students with the opportunity to earn independent study credit (between 1-5 credits) for working closely with faculty on research projects. Well-designed and implemented independent study projects provide qualified students the opportunity to develop and conduct largely self-designed research projects in collaboration with campus faculty.

For detailed information on how to get started, please review the Independent Study Projects - BBUS 499 page.

Can I get credit for doing an Internship? back to top

Yes. The UW Bothell School of Business is committed to providing students with the opportunity to earn internship credit for experiential learning in the business community. Well-designed and implemented internships contribute practical experiences to a student's curricular education thus enriching their preparation for the workforce. To qualify for an internship for academic credit, students must have completed all of the core classes (300, 310, 320, 340, 350) and be in good academic standing. Students may receive academic credit for either paid or unpaid internship experience (Exception: Legislative Internship). Unpaid internships at for-profit organizations must comply with criteria outlined by the U.S. Dept of Labor Fair Standards Act.

For more information about guided internships, please visit the Guided Internship - BBUS 497 page.

How do I apply to graduate? back to top

Degrees are not automatically awarded when requirements have been satisfied. It is the student's responsibility to apply for a degree, or “apply to graduate.” You are responsible for making sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements necessary to complete your degree, but business advisers are here to support, guide and refer you to resources for help with this exciting transition.

To officially graduate with the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration you must apply to graduate. Students should apply for graduation two to three quarters ahead of time. For example, if you are graduating in June, apply for graduation in autumn. This will also ensure that you can register with Graduating Senior Priority (GSP) for your final two quarters.

You must register and attend a Graduation Application Workshop. Quarterly workshop dates are emailed to students.