Finance Concentration

Curriculum Overview

Through the Finance Concentration, students acquire knowledge about how firms make financial decisions and how these decisions affect individual organizations and society as a whole. Students also learn how firms acquire and allocate funds, how financial markets operate, and the role these markets play in economic welfare. The study of finance includes the use of models to develop analytical approaches to problems. Students are trained to take positions in financial institutions such as commercial and investment banks, in finance departments of major corporations, or with consulting firms.


Twenty credits in 400-level finance courses are required to complete the Finance Concentration.


ELCBUS 350: Business Finance is a prerequisite for all of the required 400-level finance courses.

Required Courses

The following four courses are required for the Finance Concentration:

  • ELCBUS 451: Financial Policy and Planning
  • ELCBUS 453: Financial Institutions and Markets
  • ELCBUS 454: Investments
  • ELCBUS 455: Futures and Options