Student of the Month Award

The Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB) has developed a Student of the Month (SoTM) awards program as a way to allow Students, Faculty and Staff to recognize outstanding members of the UW Bothell campus-community for contributions in and outside of the classroom.

Note: During the pandemic, ASUWB finds it even more important to find ways to acknowledge our students, their perserverance, achievements and their being in an unprecedented time. Please consider applying or submit a nomination to the SoTM program.


Why nominate/apply?

Student of the Month recipients will receive:

  • $50 electronic gift card to the University of Washington Bookstore.
  • Recognition by the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB) and within the University of Washington Bothell.
  • Student of the Month certificate signed by Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D. the University of Washington Bothell Chancellor.

Nomination criteria

Nominations for the award is not strictly limited to highest academic achievement. Students nominated should demonstrate, but are not limited to, the following principles:


Being friendly, generous, and/or considerate towards others in a way that has made a difference in their life.


Active involvement either within the UW Bothell campus, the Bothell community and beyond.


Overcoming personal obstacles and demonstrating resilience to achieve their personal goals.

Advocacy and inclusion:

Works towards creating an inclusive and supportive community of learning that incorporates diverse perspectives.

Academic improvement:

Improvement or a high level of positive classroom engagement and contribution to the learning process.

Students eligible for the ASUWB Student of the Month will be based on the following criteria:

  • Current UW Bothell student.
  • Commitment to contributing positivity, excellence, diversity and other enrichment opportunities in the Bothell community.

*NOTE: Current ASUWB members are not eligible to be a recipient of SoTM due to the program’s mission to prioritze and recognize other students of the UW Bothell campus.

Application process

Any students, faculty or staff members may nominate any student they feel is deserving of the award, including self-nominations by the student themselves.

Persons nominating a student for the award should make every effort to insure they comply with FERPA rules and regulations. During the selection process, should the committee identify any potential FERPA violations the committee will make every effort to insure that such violations do not take place.

Requirements to submit an application:

  • Basic personal information of the nominated student (name and email).
  • Fill out Student of the Month Nomination form completely which includes a 300 word maximum written explanation as to which nomination criteria the SoTM candidate demonstrates and justification as to why the student nominated should be selected.

Selection & notification process

Award recipients will be notified by ASUWB via email within one week of the deadline and their names will be announced publicly on ASUWB’s social media and publications during the second week of the following month (For example, we will announce the January winner mid-February).

  1. The SoTM committee, an ad hoc committee comprised of the Director of Outreach, Director of Marketing, Senator of Campus Partnership and one non-voting staff/faculty member, will review applications after the 17th day of each month. The committee will present recommendations of candidates to the electing body of ASUWB to vote on a winner for SoTM.
  2. Winner will be announced via ASUWB social media, receive an email of congratulations from Djelli Berisha, ASUWB President along with a $50 electronic gift card to the UW Bookstore and certificate granted by Chancellor Yeigh.
  3. Recipients will have a photo and post shared to be recognized on the Student of the Month Awards page of ASUWB’s website and other social media platforms.


Image features previous Student of the Month recipients for the 2019-2020 Academic Year, Leslie Olea (January), Colleen Ames (February), Sanjevni Prasad (March), Richmond Sivankeo (April), and Samantha Reilly (May).