Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was created to help answer the most common questions we receive about our programs.

What Trips and Events Are Happening This Quarter?

You can check out our current calendar of events on our main page. Any registered event will be posted under the Registration tab at You should also follow our Instagram account to learn about fun spontaneous programs we run throughout the quarter!

How Do I Sign Up For An Event?

The easiest way to sign up for an event is to register on-line at If you are having trouble accessing the systems of have any questions about our programs, please email!

What If A Trip Is Full?

If there is a trip that you are interested in, but the registration is full before you are able to sign up please email In your email, please indicate which trip you are interested in and you will be put on a wait list. If a spot opens up on the trip, we will open registration to all members on the wait list on a first-come first-served basis.

Who Can Sign Up For Trips & Events?

All current UWB and CC students are eligible for Outdoor Wellness programs. 

Why Do Some Trips Cost Money? Don’t My Student Fees Pay For Everything?

UWB and CC student fees heavily subsidize all of our Outdoor Wellness programs. We try to keep as many events free to students as possible, but due to the specialized nature of our programs, some events cost quite a bit of money to put on. In those cases, some costs may be transferred to the participant. As an example, one of our most popular programs so far has been our Snow Tubing event at Summit at Snoqualmie. That event cost about $58 per student to provide transportation, a tubing ticket, pizza, staffing, and gear rental. Our student cost was only $15, which means that $43 per person was subsidized by student fees!  

How Do I Know Which Trip is Right for Me?

We strive to offer a variety of trips for varying skill levels throughout the year. If you’re curious about a trip, you can read the full description at Trip descriptions all include skill level, ability requirements, and important details about the event. Still unsure? Please email with any questions and we will be glad to help!

What About Gear?

Don’t let a lack of gear hold you back from taking part in our events! We do our best to provide essential gear for all of our trips free of charge. Need warm clothes for our ski trip? The Nest Outdoor Gear Shop has everything from insulated jackets to wool socks. Interested in a backpacking course? We have hiking boots, sleeping bags, and even bowls and sporks! Gear rental is always included free of charge for all of our registered courses, but items are limited so please reserve in advance!