Recreation & fitness



Recreation & Fitness

We are excited to have you join us at the ARC! The Fitness Center located on the lower level and is a space for community and connection that empowers all to live happier and healthier lives. Enjoy a variety of activities all centered on fun, fitness and personal development; many at no additional cost. Explore the Cascades, try a Dance Choreography class, or grab a few friends for an Outdoor Soccer league. The ARC and Fitness Center provides programming that fits into your life, interests and needs. 

For a complete list of what's happening in the ARC, please visit our myARC portal.

""Outdoor Wellness

Outdoor Wellness programming is designed to push boundaries, increase knowledge and develop skills, and teach responsible participation in outdoor activities while deepening campus connections.  Learn more about Outdoor Wellness programs.

""Virtual fitness classes

Currently, we are offering a variety of FREE virtual fitness classes to all! With many different class types offered throughout the week, there is something for everyone! Join our live Zoom classes from anywhere! Learn more about Group Fitness classes.

""Intramural Activities

Intramural Activities aims to provide an environment where the campus community has the opportunity to participate in various sport and leisure activities regardless of skill level and ability. Learn more about Intramural Activities programs.

The ARC Challenge

arcchallenge.jpgJoin us for the Winter Quarter ARC Challenge! We're giving away three awesome prizes. All you need to do is register at, like us, and attend programs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up and participate?
    • Register at
    • Attend two or three virtual events of each ARC program (Fitness, Outdoor Wellness, Intramurals). Attendance will be recorded by ARC staff at each event.
  • How do the prize levels work?
    • For Level 1, you will need to attend two events from each program area and like the ARC on Facebook or Instagram.
    • For Level 2, you will need to attend 3 events from each program area.
  • Where can I find registration information for the different programs?
  • I see many Fitness and IM opportunities! Are there more opportunities to participate in Outdoor Wellness?
    • There sure are! Outdoor Wellness will be posting "Passive Clips" on their Instagram account: @outdoor_wellness. Watch the clip and listen for a keyword to email to