All-gender restrooms

The ARC has four single-stall, all-gender restrooms

The Acitivies & Recreation Center (ARC) houses four all-gender restrooms located on the south side of each floor, near the women's and men's restrooms, and an additional location on the north side of the lower level.

Who are all-gender restrooms for?

All-gender restrooms are for all people to use, irrespective of gender identity, expression, and/or embodiment.

Why are all-gender restrooms important?

Gendered restrooms can be places of profound discomfort and risk for transgender and gender-nonconforming (GNC) people. A choice between only women's and men's restrooms forces some trans or GNC people to misgender themselves. All-gender restrooms offer some privacy and reduce the pressure of having to pick between binary-gendered restrooms. You are the best judge of your own need for an all-gender restroom, but please consider other's needs when making your decision about which restroom to use. People who need access to all-gender restrooms may be forced to wait longer or travel farther than other people to access restrooms appropriate to their needs.

Respect other's privacy

All people deserve privacy while deciding which restroom suits them best. if you see someone who seems to be waiting for an all-gender restroom, do not question them about it. If you are in a women's or men's restroom and you see someone you think doesn't belong there, keep the thought to yourself.


For support or questions, students can email