Stories of Impact

Philanthropy in action

At UW Bothell, we are enormously grateful to all of the donors and volunteers who make our work possible. Below, we have highlighted just a few of the many amazing stories from our donors. It's incredible knowing that these are the kinds of spectacular people giving to our school, and supporting our students.

Legacy gift inspires goal-smashing generosity

Hunters Photo

Toward the end of his life, Gordon Green wanted to give back to his community — the one place he always considered home, even when he didn’t live here. He wanted to give back to Bothell.

Gordon’s beloved niece, Jan Hunter, felt the same way, when she and her husband pledged a $1 million legacy gift to UW Bothell. 

“Jan and Dick truly understand the importance of philanthropy and what it means for a university to be in a campaign,” said UW Bothell Chancellor Wolf Yeigh.

“Jan announced their gift around the same time she agreed to become the Advisory Board Chair, and it created a surge of momentum. Her timing and her leadership inspired many other campus and volunteer leaders to make their own campaign commitments, which helped propel us past our $35 million Campaign for UW Bothell goal.”

Remarkable not only for their generosity, Jan and Dick Hunter have given the university full discretion on how to spend their gift — a rarity with bequests.

“We would really like it to go to the greatest need, and there’s no way for us to know at this point what that will be,” says Jan, who assumes her role as Advisory Board Chair in July.

The Hunters hope their gift will help UW Bothell maintain its high-caliber leadership and faculty, add more on-campus housing, and continue to open doors to students who face barriers to earning a college degree.

“I support UW Bothell because I believe in investing in the future,” Jan says. “And I particularly believe in UW Bothell because I know there’s a good percentage of students here who are the first in their families to go to college, and that’s important to me.”

Jan’s ties to UW Bothell date back more than a decade, when she and her brothers helped their Uncle Gordon — a fiercely frugal man who invested wisely — map out his vision of leaving a legacy that honored his family’s deep Bothell roots.

The Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory is a testament to that vision. The sprawling greenhouse, classroom, and gardens on the edge of the campus wetlands, memorializes Gordon’s mother (Jan’s grandmother) and her lifelong devotion to gardening.

Every year since facilitating her uncle’s gift, Jan Hunter has deepened her involvement with UW Bothell, both as a donor and a volunteer. A member of the UW Bothell Advisory Board since 2015, Jan gives to UW Bothell in numerous ways. She’s a devoted table captain at fundraising events, encouraging her guests to dig deep and give what they can.

Jan is also a passionate supporter of an endowed study-abroad scholarship fund named after Anna Bui, a UW Bothell student from Mukilteo who died by gun violence in 2016. As a resident of Mukilteo, herself, Jan was moved by the community’s efforts to support Anna’s family and honor her memory. Thanks in no small part to Jan’s generous support, the Anna Bui World of Hope Fund has raised nearly $100,000, giving 12 UW Bothell students the opportunity to study overseas.

Jan hasn’t lived in Hunter FamilyBothell since she left for college, attending Whitman College then graduating from the University of Maryland, yet still and always will consider Bothell home.

“Having such an excellent university right here in my hometown — it’s a gift,” Jan says.

Jan is a true champion of UW Bothell, always eager to give and encourage others to do so as well.

“I really do think it’s important to give back,” Jan says. “We give back whenever we can. As much as we can.”

Leading by Example to Put Students First

From advancing national policies to support people with disabilities, to educating tomorrow’s nurses about issues in community health, Mo West has carved a career from her passions. Now, the University of Washington Bothell lecturer is paying forward her good fortune by establishing a scholarship to honor a mentor who nurtured her dreams.

Mo founded the David G. Allen Student Scholarship Endowment with a $10,000 investment to recognize the powerful influence that the past dean of the UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Studies has had on her life’s work. The scholarships will benefit registered nurses pursuing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees.

Mo West

“I couldn’t have found a better professional path than to get my doctorate and go on to teach. I see how David’s investment in me paid off,” explains Mo, whose PhD. dissertation at UW Seattle was guided by Dean Allen. “There are so many other people with passions like mine who need financial help to follow that path. Establishing a scholarship for them while honoring David is a symbol of my gratitude and a way to continue his legacy.”

After working in the U.S. Senate for eight years to advance federal disability policies, Mo’s move into higher education opened new possibilities to help others. Today, she teaches students how to form critical community partnerships that lead to better health — like the work Mo and her classes are doing with domestic violence survivors in YWCA shelters across the region.

“UW Bothell is all about putting students first. I want to walk the talk through both my teaching as well as financially to pay back all the gifts I’ve been given,” Mo explains. “I hope other staff members will follow my lead and give back to the students we are so privileged to teach.”


Alumni Couple Keeps Giving Back

Hillary and Peter, at graduation holding their diplomas.

If you ask Hillary and Peter to name their favorite place on the UW Bothell campus, the answer would come easy, The Writing and Communication Center. This is not only where they spent hours as student workers helping other students with their papers, but this is also the place where they met. Bonding over their love of writing, they began emailing each other back and forth, each alternating writing chapters of a story. This story would lead to an even bigger one- their love story.  

Peter graduated in ‘08 with a BA in Society Ethics and Human Behavior and an MA in Cultural Studies in 2011. Hillary graduated with a BA in Culture, Literature and Art in 2010. During their time here, they were very involved with their work at the writing and communication center, classes, and campus activities. Their work with students and the connections they made with these students, staff and faculty still resonate in their lives today.           

They are true believers in the power of scholarships making a difference in students' lives, and are dedicated supporters of UW Bothell. They also stay connected and give back to students and the campus by taking opportunities to speak to different classes, participating in campus events, and Hillary serves as the Marketing and Membership Chair on the UW Bothell Alumni Council. 

“Peter and I are very passionate about UW Bothell as it’s where our love story began. It will always hold a special place in our lives because of that, and because of all the wonderful connections we made there. UW Bothell changed our lives, and is something we will forever be connected to,” Hillary says. 


Supporting UW Bothell is an Incredible Investment in the Future

When I started working for UW Bothell's Education Program in 1997, the larger community hardly knew we were here. That changed fast! As a start-up campus, we had to be nimble in shaping our programs to both inspire students and meet community and statewide needs.

It was exciting to be part of that creativity and push to bring students to a growing UW Bothell. As a department advisor, I constantly connected with school districts, community colleges, career changers and students hoping to complete their degrees or credentials and to become teachers.

As I was getting ready to retire in 2014, I knew I wanted to continue to make a difference. Supporting The Campaign for UW Bothell by establishing a scholarship endowment for the School of Educational Studies was the perfect way to do that.

Amelia Bowers head shotWith the support of my husband, Christopher, and my son, Logan, we created the Amelia M. Bowers Family Post Baccalaureate K-8 Certification Endowed Scholarship, which provides scholarships in perpetuity for people who want to earn their teaching certifications. I saw hundreds of teacher candidates and/or career changers with crippling student loan debt, so it’s wonderful for our family and friends to help them reach their career goals. Supporting UW Bothell is an incredible investment in the future.

Amelia (Mimi) Bowers