Academic Success Coaching Program

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Academic Success Coaching:
Supporting students on their academic journey

Our academic success coaching program is designed to assist all students in reaching their full academic potential. Through 1:1 meetings, we work with students in identifying their academic skills and strengths in order to create a foundation for success in college and beyond. Our program contributes to UWB's mission of creating a diverse, equitable, and just academic environment inclusive of students of all economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

What we do

Academic success coaches guide students through the many possible ways they can improve their learning and academic performance. Through 1:1 meetings, we assess the needs of our students and assist them in mapping a plan to achieve their short term and long term academic goals. We share with students the multiple ways they can best utilize their strengths as scholars and as leaders.

Image description: Academic Success Coaching flyer reading "Academic Success Coaching: Supporting Students on their Academic Journey. Learn more about: Communicating with professors, Time management, Goal setting and motivation, Learning strategies, Note-taking, Test-taking. Contact our coaches to schedule an appointment. 425-352-3786."Working with our coaches, you'll learn more about:

  • Communicating with professors
  • Time management
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Learning strategies
  • Note-taking
  • Test-taking

We honor the myriad of diverse backgrounds and experiences students come from and aim to provide culturally responsive academic coaching that is continuously learning from the issues underrepresented students and communities encounter.

We acknowledge there are many different ways to define and achieve student success.

Overall, we strive to be life-long learners who continuously learn and improve ourselves in relation to what we are learning and who we are in community with.

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