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Strategic Initiatives

In 2008, UW Bothell completed a year-long planning process involving faculty, staff, advisory board members, alumni, students and external partners, resulting in the 21st Century Campus Initiative strategic plan. The plan set an enrollment target of 5,000 by 2020 and outlined seven priorities to guide campus growth in size and excellence: growth, resourcefulness, diversity, student-centered, community, innovation, and sustainability.

Since that time, the plan has guided all institutional planning through a period of extraordinary growth, during which enrollment and the number of degrees offered tripled, housing was established, student life and academic services expanded, industry and community collaboration deepened, and campus facilities expanded.

By Spring of 2014, the campus had surpassed its enrollment goal and had achieved significant progress in each of its seven priorities, thus completing Phase 1 of the plan six years ahead of the target. This tremendous feat was accomplished with few resources, but great ingenuity and innovation on the part of the entire UW Bothell community.

While the first phase of the 21st Century Campus Initiative has been completed, the values and priorities that characterized the plan will continue to sustain and inform UW Bothell's ongoing work. The campus came together in Fall of 2013 to reaffirm those values and to highlight priorities for moving forward as we prepare for the next phase of our 21st Century Campus Initiative - Growing to 7,500. In the upcoming year, the campus community, Advisory Board, and many supporters will embark on developing Phase 2 of the plan, working together to more fully define the vision for the future of UW Bothell.

To learn more about the original plan, the development process, and progress for each of the seven priorities, visit the 21st Century Campus Initiative Website.

21st Century Campus Initiative