Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

In place (2020 – present)

Faculty and Staff

  • New Bridge Faculty Hiring Program: As a key component of UW’s Faculty Diversity Initiative (FDI), the chancellor and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs have allocated temporary funds of $700,000 to recruit faculty who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
    Partner: Office of the Chancellor
  • All faculty searches include a formal plan regarding a) how the school defines diversity and b) the school plan for mentoring the success of the individual(s) hired during the early part of their career.
  • Search ad placement in a variety of venues focused on diversity recruiting.
    Partner: Organizational Excellence & Human Resources
  • Well-being support for faculty and Academic Affairs staff: The guidelines are finalized for the Professional Well-Being Support for Faculty, Librarians and Academic Staff Experiencing Systemic Inequity in Higher Education funding. We encourage members of our community who are experiencing systemic inequity and injustice to use these funds in ways that you define.
  • All faculty searches should follow formal UW Bothell policies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. There is now a UW faculty dashboard that allows us to evaluate the search pool for diversity at key points during the search process.
    Partners: OE/HR
  • All P&T committees should complete anti-bias training along with best practices for evaluating diversity accomplishments.
    Lead: GFO’s Campus Council on Promotion and Tenure
  • After a two-year process, each school clarified unit-level Promotion & Tenure guidelines for research, teaching, and service and align them with campus and tri-campus expectations. Items to address include an inclusive definition of scholarship (removing obstacles and clarifying what counts as evidence), expectations for how teaching effectiveness is assessed, and expectations for contributions towards diversity and equity.
    Partners: Schools and GFO’s Campus Council on Promotion and Tenure
  • Academic year teaching-load reports are provided annually, available to all faculty and deans.
    Partner: Office of Institutional Research
  • Several policies regarding faculty compensation for course releases, overloads, and cancelled courses are now in place to promote transparency and equity.
    Partners: Academic Affairs and GFO’s Executive Council
  • Updated multiple policies and practices regarding faculty compensation for uncompensated FTE producing labor for transparency and equity
    Partners/Leads: Academic Affairs and GFO’s Executive Council


In Progress


  • Transition from a 2+2 mindset (with inherent barriers that contribute to inequitable systems) to a lifecycle mindset as it applies to every student at UW Bothell, with emphasis on those students who start college as first time first year students. For now, this includes:
    • Changes to academic advising (partnered with Student Affairs, Enrollment Management)
    • Transitions to a major declaration and change of major process for pre-major students (partnered with Student Affairs, Enrollment Management)
    • Promotion of the Washington State Academic RedShirt (STARS) program, which supports students who have had limited access to STEM education yet have a range of skills and life experiences