2020-21 Strategic Priorities

2020-21 CAD Priorities

Formalize a CAD Charter

  • Outline the operations of CAD to improve transparency and consistency across years and increase collaboration. 

RCM Implementation

In 2019-20, in partnership with GFO leadership, we recommended a revised version of the modified RCM model for allocating funding to Schools and FYPP. We also recommended campus-wide fiscal operating guidelines for how those funds are used and transparent data reporting to inform the budget process. All Schools are in various stages of multi-year budget planning with school-specific fiscal operating guidelines needed to align budget and mission. To advance this process, we need to develop:

  • School-specific fiscal operating guidelines that are budgetarily sustainable and aligned with campus and school missions (due to the Chancellor by December 31, 2020).
  • Campus-wide analysis of how school-specific guidelines aggregate in ways that do or do not meet the campus guidelines, with appropriate discussion and revisions to follow.

Strengthen Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Structures within Academic Affairs

The campus Strategic Priority positions DEI issues as a campus priority. CAD’s DEI focus is on the primary issues related to climate and workload as they interface with faculty, staff and students. Potential goals for this include the following:

  • Examine the recruitment, retention and workload for faculty from diverse backgrounds. Examine structures and practices that cultivate a welcoming climate for under-represented faculty and removing barriers to success, cluster hires, service workloads, and faculty search protocols.
  • Work with GFO to develop a standard protocol for reporting faculty salaries periodically that is reflective of DEI characteristics
  • Start work towards improving the teaching evaluation process.
  • Develop diversity goals for student admission pools and overall enrollment, and identify school-specific gaps and strategies.
  • Partner with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion regarding insights from the UW Climate Survey that CAD can use to move on that interface with the three pillars of the campus strategic plan. For example, the Climate Survey may suggest areas of improvement around recruitment, support and retention of Black students, faculty, and staff, etc.
  • Align academic units and Student Affairs initiatives to student equity issues, specifically their alignment of programming and resources to equity, and identify how academic units might further align their tactics. 
  • Support the Equity Across the Curriculum initiative by identifying candidate goals, participating in committee selection, and promoting within academic units.

Clarify and Improve Cross-campus Consistency with P&T Guidelines

In partnership with GFO, Schools can determine where they might seek to clarify unit-level P&T guidelines. There are two potential areas of opportunity, process and content as described below:

  • Further define criteria for promotion to each rank that minimizes inequity across Schools
  • Explicate what counts as evidence, considering the sanctioning of community engaged scholarship from the UWB campus.