Campus-wide Charges

Campus-Wide Charges

Strengthening School Structures Charge

September 1, 2020

Re: Strengthening School Structures Charge

Dear Dean Buendia, Burgett, Cornick, Dworkin and Krishnamurthy:

During AY 2019-20, various campus groups produced recommendations and/or requests that require effort by our Schools during 2020-21 and beyond. As such, I am using this opportunity to formally charge you and your School communities to engage in these efforts that are intended to further strengthen our School and our campus-wide infrastructure. These efforts will require collaboration with your elected faculty councils and with me before finalization. Some may also require close collaboration with other councils and offices such as advising councils, curriculum committees, Chancellor’s councils, GFO councils, Community Engagement, and so on.

Below, I've listed the various areas of focus along with the primary group(s) who made the recommendation/request, the expected final deliverable, and the suggested timeline. Note that some timelines span several years. Please reach out to me as you determine timelines that may work better for your Schools, particularly given the COVID-19 context. Please also reach out to me regarding any support that we can provide centrally to help your efforts.

The areas of focus are as follows:

  1. Fiscal Operation Guidelines: Use the campus-wide fiscal operating guidelines as the basis for developing your School-specific operational goals and indicators that are consistent with your mission and fiscal sustainability. Chancellor. Link to publicly available document. Complete by December 31, 2020.
  2. Inclusive Definition of Scholarship: Use the fact sheet along with other information to assess your School's practices in the context of the campus’s and UW's commitments to community engagement and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes reviewing your School’s P&T criteria for inclusion of these issues and the removal of obstacles to valuing such issues. GFO & Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. Link to guidelines on OEHR Sharepoint. Complete by February 28, 2021.
  3. Campus-wide Community Engagement Undergraduate Learning Goal: Based on the background provided in the fact sheet, the campus voted in favor of a sixth learning goal, Application of theory and skills that contribute to the public good through mutually beneficial engagement with community. Each School needs to review its requirements at the School-level and/or for each major/minor and identify and/or create opportunities for all undergraduate students to meet this learning goal. GFO & Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. Memo to VCAA. Complete by June 1, 2021.
  4. Promotion & Tenure Guidelines: Building from areas of focus #2 & #3, revisit and ensure that your School has clear guidelines for promotion to each rank that align with the expectations of the Faculty Code, Executive Order 45, CAD, the VCAA, the Chancellor, and the Provost. These guidelines should address all of the following: scholarship/research expectations including the criteria used to determine if expectations are met with particular emphasis on scholarship that may not be viewed as traditional by the Academy (e.g., public scholarship), teaching expectations including how teaching effectiveness is assessed, expectations for contributions towards diversity and equity and how this is included and considered among the other expectations, and expectations for professional and public service including efforts to promote diversity and address the professional advancement of underrepresented groups in the faculty member’s discipline. GFO CCPT & CCAL. Link to guidelines on OEHR Sharepoint. Complete by June 1, 2022. [following the completion of this effort, the expectation is that CAD leads discussion about consistency and equity across campus in terms of these guidelines]

I would like quarterly (5th week) updates regarding each of the four focus areas from each Dean in the form of a short memorandum. We will discuss these updates in our 1:1 meetings throughout the year.

I look forward to continuing our collaborative work to strengthen our support structures for our faculty, staff and students. Please reach out as needed so that we can ensure success.

Sharon A. Jones
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Cinnamon Hillyard, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success
Carolyn Brennan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Research/Office of Connected Learning
Sarah Leadley, Associate Dean of University Libraries
Keith Nitta, Associate Professor, Chair, GFO