Website projects

In addition to the services the Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team delivers, the team also works on major projects that affect the website and campus at large. Current projects are listed below.

Thank you for your patience while this page is under development. Any questions should be sent to the AER web team at

Kentico CMS version 10 update

The UW Bothell website is running on version 7 of Kentico CMS (Content Management System), which is no longer supported. The IT Enterprise Services Delivery Team (ESDT) has been working closely with the Advancement & External Relations (AER) web team to update our Kentico CMS to version 10. 

Training for new content editors has stopped but will resume the week of April 16th, the same week we go live with Kentico CMS version 10.

Important Dates

Wednesday, April 4th 
  • The last day to update the website
  • Editors have until 5 p.m. to make content changes
  • Version update will begin at 5 p.m. 
4/4/2018 - 4/15/2018
  • The website's content will be "frozen"
  • Forms created with Kentico (bizforms) will not work
  • Version updates conclude on Sunday 4/15/2018
  • Access to content will be given in waves (determined by the web team) to ensure the website isn't overwhelmed by content editors
Monday, April 16th
  • Content editors will be able to access and edit their content
  • Content editors should email after the update with any questions or issues they want to report
Thursday, April 19th

Affected content & outcomes

  • Content will be uneditable for about 7 business days
  • Content source code (HTML) access will be gone with version 10
  • Directory access will be given by the university web team with the appropriate primary publisher's permission (UWB IT still creates accounts)
  • Blog posts will all publish when version 10 goes live (unless it was archived)

Major Outcomes

  • Migration to the cloud with Amazon Web Services
  • Geographic redundancy in case of emergencies
  • Improved data backup and recovery
  • Accessibility improvements on the template and the global navigation

Last updated 3/30/2018

Responsive website design

Responsive website design (RWD) means that a website adjusts it's content according to the device you're using. The UW Bothell website currently does not change according to the end-user's device. The AER web team plans to implement a responsive design for the website by conducting research to determine the needs of the campus community, creating new templates, designing a new UWB homepage, and updating the UW Bothell brand.

Information for content editors

  • We will be removing access to the source code during the Kentico 10 update
  • All custom coding done with the inline source code editor will be deleted, which will impact content editors who have added their own HTML, CSS or JavaScript to their sites.
  • Editors are encouraged to remove custom coding or work with the web team to find a better alternative.

IT and AER's timeline is TBD.

Last updated Oct. 2016

PDF Pilot

In support of the University of Washington UW Policy – IT Accessibility, Accessible Technology Services (ATS) held a pilot project to explore the cost and time commitments when implementing State Policy #188 on IT accessibility and electronic documents. The goal is to achieve 100% compliance with PDF/UA (WACG 2.0, level AA) success criteria, the UW standard for IT accessibility on all PDF documents.

Progress report

  • The pilot gave us funds to send our PDFs to the UW vendor VasTec, who remediated our documents to be accessible.
  • Ashley Magdall, Web Support Specialist, managed the pilot with help from her team in AER and the Enterprise Services team in IT. She also works with website editors, encouraging them to move content from PDFs onto a webpage as HTML is the most accessible format for assistive technology.
  • Ana Thompson, Learning & Access Designer, trained UW Bothell faculty, staff, and student employees on how to remediate PDFs.
  • Work done on the pilot project was presented to the Accessibility capacity building institute as well as do UW IT staff during the annual UW TechConnect conference.
  • This pilot concluded with over 122 documents submitted for remediation.

Last updated 3/30/2018